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Bosch Product Brand History:

Mixer Evolution:

The original BOSCH Mixer dates back to 1952. First introduced in Germany, it was geared towards German homemakers then became popular throughout Europe. Then in 1972 it was redesigned with the first polycarbonate housing that is lighter and develops less heat in the motor. It also was given an automatic transmission allowing it to gear down for tougher mixing jobs. This mixer was new and innovative. It was also the same mixer distributed in America in 1974.

Since then, the BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer has undergone only two other redesigns in its lifetime. One redesign in 1986 doubled sales in the next 18 months and another redesign in 2007. These redesigns boosted transmission power and speed variability creating the mixer we have today. This speaks to the quality engineering and durability of the machine.

Also, all the modern tune ups and various attachments have developed from the BOSCH Kitchen Centers in America. These attachments truly make this mixer a universal kitchen machine. For example, our number one selling attachment the cookie paddles allow you to better mix batters and dough to the correct consistency for a better quality product. Once approved by BOSCH in Germany, they are sold all over the world.